About US

Manamuz Electric LTD is a Nigerian Electrical and Renewable energy services company focusing on the deployment and management of sustainable electrical technology and energy systems. Manamuz Electric LTD provides a complete suite of Electrical and Renewable Energy services with a strong emphasis on the reliability and sustainability of our systems.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality products and with our team of experienced and passionate consultants, engineers, technicians and sales personnel, we pride ourselves on building great customer relationships.

Our experience in energy systems, contracting, electrical maintenance and installations is extensive. No job is too big or too small and our services range from the simple task of installing a light switch to more challenging projects such as implementing renewable energy systems.

We work closely with our customers, ensuring that the task or project is completed on time and on budget, using the highest quality products available. We also advise our customers of any cost saving measure that can be utilized and can assist with any safety requirements. By using our skills and experience we build ongoing and lasting relationships with our customers.

Manamuz Electric LTD’s success in delivering world class solutions stems from its commitment to a consistent methodology, effective project management techniques, proven design standards, quality assurance, testing and dedicated professionals.

Manamuz is commited to solving the electricity problems of today as well as the future. We understand that solar energy is the future of Africa's electricity industry which is why we are committed to providing quality solar energy services as well as improving solar energy adoption in Africa. Just the way children grow to become leaders of tomorrow, africa's solar energy industry is in its baby stage and we are here to drive its growth.

We realize that deploying a robust solar energy system requires not just knowledge about solar energy systems but knowledge about electrical systems, software, microgrid, metal works and others. Hence our team comprises of different professionals who are experts in required fields.