Reliable Electrical Services

A dependable electrical system is critical for your home. The skilled electricians at Manamuz provide a variety of residential electrical services, including design, installations, repair and maintenance, to ensure your household is never left in the dark.

When it comes to deploying or repairing electrical systems, leave it to the professionals! Our electricians are well-versed in the proper safety precautions and will perform your home electrical services carefully and efficiently.

One major area of our business is electricity consultancy. From our early days, we have deployed Our technical and business expertise in solving the electricity industry’s most pressing challenges and driving the design, implementation and integration of electric power systems with greater affordability, reliability, and efficiency.

Manamuz Electric's Consulting team continues to provide innovative solutions across the entire spectrum of power generation, delivery, and utilization. With our cross-company resources, Our Consulting business is able to serve the Nigerian market as well as the African market with a strong local presence.