Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a solar electric and inverter backup system cost?

The cost of your solar investment or inverter backup system will vary greatly depending on the load connected to your system, size of the system and your location.

Can my electricity bill really be zero?

Yes you can decide to disconnect from the grid and power your home with solar energy.

How much maintenance does solar panels need?

With no moving parts and at least a 25-year expected life-span, solar panels require very little maintenance. In fact, their design ensures that they remain relatively clean as long as they are exposed to rain or a quick rinse with a garden hose every few months.

How long do batteries last?

Battery life span depends on their operating condition so it may be necessary to monitor the battery and ensure that they always have good operating conditions.

How does solar Power Work?

Solar Power is one of the cleanest renewable energy source which works by converting sun’s rays into power electricity. The component used in harvesting this Sun’s rays is called solar panel (PV panel or photovoltaic panel). A Direct Current (DC) is generated from the panel which is converted to an alternating current (AC) best for powering devices like your Television, Fridge, Washing machine e.t.c. through the use of an Inverter.

What are the components of a solar Power Solution?

A solar Power Solution comprises of solar Panels, Controllers, Inverters, Battery and sometimes battery monitoring system and apps to monitor power solution remotely.

How do I get electricity at night when using solar?

Through use of storage devices such as batteries which store the electricity generated during the day

Why is solar Energy Electricity so costly?

It is true that the initial cost of solar energy for home and businesses can be high just like the initial generation of all other sources of energy to the National and state grid but when cost is spread over the life time of use, solar can then be very cost-saving. An A grade solar energy installation is expected to last up to 25 years. The only maintenance that would be required is having to replace the batteries every few years

How much will I save when I go solar?

It depends on the way you look at cost saving. For short term projections, it may look as if you are not saving much due to the initial cost but it is well known that when the cost of powering your appliance with petrol, cost of replacement/maintenance of generator parts, cost of the generator and electricity bills are factored in over a period of time, the cost of solar becomes cheaper overtime.

How many solar Panels can charge a 200Ah battery?

For a 12V, 200Ah battery, the total energy derived would be 2400Wh. Assuming we need the battery to charge completely in 5 hours, We would need 480 watts of solar array which practically means two 250W panels should be sufficient to charge a 12V 200Ah solar battery full in 5 hours.

What solar Capacity will I be needing for my 3bed room flat?

The best way to determine what a three bed room flat or any building would be to speak with one of our representatives as we would need information on your electrical appliances. These information include:

  • The number of appliances to be powered by solar
  • The rating of each appliance
  • How long they will be powered
  • The number of batteries to be used and other factors.
  • How often do I need to clean my solar Panels?

    Dust and debris will overtime accumulate on the solar panels which may not seriously have impact in the output of the solar Power Output. It will require that you clean when output on system drops noticeably. Solar panels generally requires minimal maintenance and usually we recommend maintenance every 18 months-24 months.